etter to you know that it's not so far that it's closer than you think it can arrive before you even blink and i'm not trying to scare you this is the truth open up your eyes and let it go cause it's by your side and this isn't about fate this's about certainty i hope you don't realize too late however you don't need to keep thinking about it better to you live each day like the last one cause it got no rules,it got no time and i'm sure you know you know, i wouldn't lie just wanna makesure we did alright just wanna makesure we had the best time it's part of a cycle we live it's part of a cycle we die

ake a deep breath and enjoy the moment believe is the movement and fight for your faith singing as loud as you can you can cover my screams to makesure they'll understand this are not simple dreams right now is up to you you know what's better to do the choice is up to you time to forget what you passed through

simple man, a simple life wonderful kids, beautiful wife so i ask: what went wrong? all he conquered, now it's gone! so many years, full of mistakes you didn't get the right way you didn't hear what she said how you got so fuckin' different? a good heart turned into an empty one what you have been, what you have done i never could understand what was it all about? passing through rough time that you can realize in the end you'll be hurt cuz you get what you deserve i know, you're not a naive man and you fucked up her life and now you spent all your time and i think it's too late to live, learn, grow again live, learn, grow again

here's such a world out there none of us have ever seen it, or felt it i just flown up today higher than we ever fly far above the highest clouds but you can see, i mean you can see everywhere for the first time in my life i see where we live son, we looked everywhere for you the last few days the elders in the flock are talking about you they know you fly off on your own where we never fly they don't understand it, they will not allow it not allow me to learn? why? oh i can understand your dreams jonathan we all dream of better things when we are young i'm affraid for you, i'm affraid for what you're doing maybe this isn't the best life, but it's all we know winter is coming, the flock must stay together to survive we were meant to live the way we live, accept it take your place, would you try son? if you don't we will live all we live for nothing we weren't meant to live this way i know you're wrong, but i'll try... quote taken from jonathan livingston seagull with no comercial purpose

hen words can't express myself what am i suppose to do? my lyrics are slowly losing their meaning i yearn something unknown and voices try to gainsay me but i won't hear them no, im not that weak try to catch me you'll see im running fast it's time to arm ourselves more than you can imagine the time to apply our masterplan

don't want to live with ghost inside cause they keep disturbing my mind. i don't want to live with ghosts inside. school, work, family dreams away, cause we got "needs" i'm getting sick i don`t wanna fit in, i can't fit in. do you know a way out? or what is this all about? killing demons inside just to sleep well tonight killing demons inside just to make it right killing demons inside just to move on with my life killing demons inside, you know, i'd rather be alive

his world of shit, as galeano said it's finally close to its final beat cause tonight, we won't sleep out there we'll take over the streets together we'll share this dream burning all flags down false heroes will fall our riot is here, now no masters, no kingsrevolution is more than words to say time to get off this cage it's time for real change people make their own fates